Monday, September 28, 2009

A Fine Frenzy Radio

Right now I'm working on some writing prompts for my job at the English Language Center, and listening to A Fine Frenzy Radio on Pandora. If you've never used Pandora, it's a website that streams music that is related to music that you like. So, when the group A Fine Frenzy was recommended to me, I put it in and created a new station. This brings up songs from A Fine Frenzy, as well as similar artists like Regina Spektor, Natalie Walker, Kate Nash, Postal Service, Norah Jones, Holly Brooke, Missy Higgins, and lots more. One of my favorites on this station is Ingrid Michelson. Anyway, you should check it out. It's great work/study music!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Dave and I have had quite a few adventures since getting married. One of the most recent ones was an "I'm going to miss the bus" kind of adventure! I was coming to campus yesterday to do some work and observe a reading class. I also had a lot of studying to do, and I needed the time on the bus to get that studying done. Well, Dave and I were late getting to the TRAX station, and I was running to the bus when it pulled away. Dave was determined that I would get on that bus, though, and he put himself into "race" mode. We chased after the bus in our car, got ahead of it, and Dave let me out at a stop ahead of the bus so I could get on. Isn't he a sweetheart!?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Thoughts on New Year's Resolutions From Dave

I personally think that New Year's Resolutions should be more like the fiscal year. Corporations and other entities can establish their fiscal year at any point they want to, and although I'm not sure, I think they can change it without a whole lot of trouble (cue all the CPA readers with correcting comments) as long as it consists of 365 days.
In the interest of my self-esteem I will now be making fiscal year resolutions instead of New Year's Resolutions: I will run at least once a week, and since the fiscal year starting last Saturday I am 100% in compliance with that goal. Whoo-hoo!

Resolutions no longer induce a cringe for me, it's all about Fiscal Year Resolutions from here on out

For those of you who cringe every time you think New Years, I recommend the new improved, fiscal year resolution. For the low price of $59.99 plus shipping I will send you a copy of my best selling book (really, it's the best selling book I've ever written) Fiscal Year Resolutions Done Right: How to Make the System work for You. Lest there be any doubt about the scholarly quality of my work, please take note of the colon in the book's title.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Year's Check Up

I read a post by my friend Camille today checking back to her New Year's resolutions. In it, she had a status update on her goals, and whether some of them needed to be put off until 2010. I was impressed with her idea to go back and review, to make sure that she was accomplishing what she wanted. I decided to go back and read what I wrote for New Year's, so I could do the same. This is what I wrote.

As you can see, the only goal I talked about was my one new-ish goal, to exercise regularly. This was because I was just going to continue with some older goals for the year. Well, here's my update.

--I think I've gone running about twice this whole year. I haven't exercised in any other form, except for the various hiking, snow shoeing activities I've done with Dave.
--I don't remember any of my other goals! I must have been working on them last year, and probably kept working on them for a while after the new year started. But whatever they were, they are long gone now.

What I can take from this: Even if I'm not going to add any new goals for the year, maybe it would still be a good idea to write down what I am working on, as a reminder and a way to track progress.

In the spirit of this lesson, I'm going to write a post soon stating my goals for the new school year. Hopefully I'll be able to keep looking back at that, and accomplish what I want to by the end of April. That's 4 months less than a normal calendar year, but I think it'll be something fun for me to focus on outside of school and work.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Wedding Pictures

Okay, so this is kind of a picture overload! But here are quite a few of our favorite pictures, taken a couple days before we got married. Not all of them have captions, but keep scrolling down if you want to see what I had to say.

It was pretty amazing! My sister Erin took them. If you like her photography skills and would like to check out some of her other work, see her blog here. Not all of the photos are edited yet, so I will be updating them as she sends me more of the pictures edited! Yay!

Isn't he handsome?!? I just can't get enough of this man!

I love this playful one! Dave makes me smile and laugh everyday!

We tried so many winking pictures earlier, and none of them worked out, so I was so glad that this one did!

This is one of my FAVORITES!

I love the buttons down the back of this dress! So beautiful! I am so glad that I bought it!

This is Dave when we told him that he had to stand around in a tux for hours and hours on end over the course of several days.

But this is Dave when we told him that after he did all that standing in a tux, he could get married!

We're so happy to be married!!


So, I kind of want to put up a counter to count UP from our show how long we've been married. It's a good thing that I haven't been able to find one, because I have the feeling that once the cheesiness of being newly married wears off, I will no longer want that on my blog.

Monday, September 14, 2009

So, it's been a long time...

Excuse #1: But I keep waiting until I can upload pictures before I blog about the last month.

Excuse #2: But I have been so busy with school.

Excuse #3: But I have been so busy with work.

Excuse #4: But I have been having so much fun with Dave that I don't ever think about blogging.

I think that all of these are valid excuses. But I am going to start blogging more, now that things are getting more into a routine and I am starting to really want to blog. My month's hiatus was refreshing, and now I'm going to get back into it!