Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our baby is a redhead!

Needless to say this has come as somewhat of a shock to us, but our baby Lizzy Jo is a redhead (so far at least).  This came as a pretty huge surprise to us because, obviously neither one of us has red hair.  There is red hair in Dave's family (a brother and a sister), but Merry's family doesn't have any red hair anywhere in the family that she is aware of (except maybe a very distant cousin).  Red hair is a recessive trait which means that it won't be expressed unless both parents pass on the recessive trait.  What's ever funnier is that Dave's brother Mike, the one who has red hair, just had a baby boy and he doesn't have red hair.  Ah, the ironies of genetics.

At any rate, the proof as they say, is in the pudding:

Also, please note that she appears to have rabies in this picture.  Her main enjoyment in life these days is blowing bubbles and listening to Dave's whistling.