Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Covet Antiqued Copper Charm Necklace GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Covet Antiqued Copper Charm Necklace GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

I really like giveaways. And to enter giveaways on this blog I have to post a link to it on my blog. I kind of hesitate to post a link on my blog every time I enter a giveaway, because I don't want to make my blog a boring list of giveaways I've entered. But I really want to enter this giveaway. And I may enter some more in the future. So, when you see posts about giveaways, you can check out the giveaway yourself, or just ignore it!

Five Months of Marital Bliss

That's right folks, Dave and I have been married for 5 months. And we've pretty much loved it. We think that we'll go for another 5 at least. Maybe even a year. :D

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Really Big Question...

Merry is great, thinking about goals and highlights and stuff. I, on the other hand have been thinking about much less (or perhaps more) weighty stuff. Namely burgers, whose is better.

Five Guys started as a Washington D.C. area chain but has since branched into many parts of the county. They offer burgers and fries and that's about it.

In-n-out I think we all know, so I won't say much about it.

To be honest I've already made up my mind. Both resturants opened in Utah recently and I've tried both. In-n-out's big plus is that it's cheap; that having been said, the burger was small, unexceptional, and hardly worth the hype. The problem with In-n-out, and most of the other burger joints is that they seem to have forgotten something important along the way, namely beef. The beef on their burgers could be switched with the beef from any other burger place and no one would notice the difference.

The fries were even less interesting than the burger and could have been served at any burger joint in town, in fact I will go go so far as to say that each of the big three (you know who they are) serves better fries than In-n-out. The strawberry milkshake I ordered was depressingly reminiscent of a McDonalds milkshake and did absolutely nothing for me except shorten my life a little (yes, in California it is heresy to mention McDonalds and In-n-out in the same paragraph).

Ewww gross, if I'm going to stop my heart early through the consumption of fried potato sticks, it sure as heckfire ain't gonna be these ones

Five Guys, on the other hand, is a spiritual experience every time I go. The burgers get all the free toppings you could want, the beef is delicious, and the buns hold together even though they can get a bit overloaded. The fries however, are one of the best things about Five Guys. They are made in the fine tradition of English Chips, fried to a golden brown, more than enough to satiate any Irish potato lover.

An image so inspiring it should have been painted by one of the old masters...or at least silk screened by Andy Warhol

I must also admit a sentimental attachment to Five Guys. When I spent a summer in the District (for the uninitiated this is Washington D.C.) I had no money and so lived on rice and beans the entire summer. In spite of my poverty however, I still went to the Five Guys in Georgetown and ordered a cheeseburger every Saturday. For someone who's been living on 800 calories a day (for once I am not exaggerating), those burgers are absolutely delicious.

So that's it. In-n-Out stinks, Five Guys is much much better, I've said it and I won't take it back. The gauntlet is down.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Reflection on School Year Goals

As the New Year starts, I thought I'd take a look at the school year goals I set back in October.

1. I've done well with my work goal. I worked hard last semester and finished off all of my work for the semester with a bang! And I am starting 2 new jobs this semester! I'm going to be tutoring, and I'll teach a grammar class. There's also a third job that I'm applying for right now, to be a writing tutor. I hope I get it! So, with my 3 (maybe 4) jobs, I am sure going to be busy this semester! My goal now is to stay on top of my work and not get overwhelmed.

2. My classes were pretty time intensive last semester, and took a lot of effort. But I'm glad to say that I did very well! I'm looking forward to my classes this semester (we've already had 1 week of class, but the work hasn't really started yet), and I hope to achieve my goal of getting all As!
3. I've already accomplished my sub-goal of finding a project for my masters program. I've written the project proposal and had several people look at it. I've also started my letter of intent, although I'm not as far along with that as I thought I would be by this point. But I'm going to work hard on finishing those two things this week, and I'll have my TESOL MA application turned in by this Friday!

4 and 5. I have not done well at achieving my personal goals. I haven't journaled or been running once since I set these goals. But I'm going to try again to start these goals. I think that this semester I can get better at both of them. To do this, I'm going to make a reminder for myself, so that I think of these goals more often than once a semester!

6. Well, Dave and I were teaching the 13-year-olds. Now he is teaching them by himself and I am teaching in the Primary. I just started teaching the Sunbeams (the 3-year-olds). In my class there are 3 little girls. This makes planning lessons for them really difficult. First of all, they want to be out of their seats and moving around a lot, so the lessons have to take that into account. You have to use a lot of activities to keep their attention. And then the second thing is that there are so few of them that the activities always go so quickly. If we had a few more students the activities would take longer, and then the activities I planned would last the whole hour that I have them. As it is, my lesson went short. I'm going to be teaching again in a couple of weeks, and I'm going to try to plan enough materials to keep the little girls busy and happy the whole time. And since this is now a goal for myself, I'm going to move it to my personal goals.

It has been fun to look back at these goals and reflect on them. I think that I'm going to set some more goals for this year, and try to take an inventory on them at least once a month. Wish me luck!