Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lizzy Say What!?

So it's officially summer here in Mesquite. Lizzy still insists on going for a daily walk; she is apparently impervious to heat. Anyway, I took her out at about 10:00 AM and it was already about 98 degrees outside. Needless to say it was a short walk. Afterwards I was opening the garage and the stroller was inadvertently, faced into the sun.  I heard Lizzy say:

L: Dad, you're turning me into toast.
Dave: Huh?
L: I'm toast.
Dave: Oh, is it because it's toasty outside? (something I frequently say)
L: Yeah, Dad.  I'm toast now.

Some other Lizzy Jo-isms include:

L: I'm feeling nervous about going to the babysitter today.  I think I should stay home.
Dave: Why are you feeling nervous?
L: There are boys at her house.  I don't like them.
Dave: Why not?
L: Because they are boys.

(after Merry had yelled at her)
Merry: Should I have a time out?
L: Yeah.
Dave: How long should I set the timer for?
L: Two weeks.

Instead of asking "Are you okay?", Lizzy just says, "Okay?"

When Merry was sweeping the floor after a glass shattered, she kept telling Lizzy Jo to stay out of the kitchen.

L: I'll be careful.
Merry: No, please stay out of the kitchen.
L: I'll be careful in the kitchen.
Merry: No, I'm still sweeping.
L: But all the big pieces are sweep, so I can go in.
Merry: No, there are still small pieces that can hurt you.
Merry: (A few minutes later.) Okay, Lizzy, you can come in the kitchen now.
L: I can?  Mmmmm, no.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Girls, Girls, Girls

Here are some of my favorite pictures of the girls from the last few months.

Charly as a newborn

She was really annoyed at being woken up!

But easily fell asleep again

I love this tiny smile!

This Christmas picture is SO Lizzy, so funny and crazy.

 Charly looks like she's offering to fight in this one

 Playing in the leaves at Grandma's house

Charly was enjoying a good book

 And a good carrot!

Charly is getting to be pretty mobile.  As I've uploaded these pictures and typed the small amount of text, she's moved from right by me to the edge of the rug (we're right in front of the TV, on the rug you can see in carrot picture right above this paragraph), turned herself in the opposite direction, and rolled a few times.  She mainly accomplishes her movement through scooting and rolling.  We've tried to get her on her knees to crawl a few times, but she doesn't seem interested.

But, boy, is she ever interested in real people food!  She ate some of my bologna sandwich just before we sat down at the computer, and if I drink water in front of her, she demands to be given the last few drops, most of the time not patient enough to wait for me to finish the rest of the glass.

Lizzy Jo is my playmate and companion.  Today we made a list of things that each of us wanted to do (Lizzy: put on makeup, splash pad, sing songs, read books, activity book, play kitchen, play dough--Mama: exercise, get groceries, read books, Lizzy does independent play, dishes, sing songs, puzzle), put it on the fridge, and then took turns doing things on each list.  We've done most of the items, and I think we're going to give the Activity List a permanent place on our fridge, it's worked so well!