Friday, December 17, 2010

Scary Ride!

My drive to the bus stop this morning was pretty eventful!  First, when I was listening to the news, I found out that the Provo Tabernacle was burned down early this morning!  This building is over 120 years old, and a big part of the history of Provo, UT.  I was saddened that this happened.  I hope that what's left of the building can be preserved and restored.

Then, when I was almost to the bus stop, I almost got into an accident.  I was going straight through an intersection and as I entered the intersection I noticed that the cars in front of me were slowing down.  I put on my breaks, but then I realized that they were REALLY slowing down.  I slammed on my breaks to avoid hitting them, and right then I found out why they were going slow: there was a patch of black ice on the road.  When I hit the ice, I fish-tailed and my front end went into the lane next to me.  I thought that one of two things were going to happen; 1) I would slide into the cars in front of me that had slowed down, or 2) I would get hit by a car beside me or behind me.

But I was really lucky!  The cars in front of me sped back up after they got past the ice, so I didn't hit them.  There was no one behind me.  And the car in the lane next to me saw what was going on and avoided me.  Also, I got my car under control pretty quickly.  But it was still scary.  Instead of ending up perfectly fine like this:

I could have ended up like this:

Monday, December 13, 2010

Shout out to Dockers

A quick shout out to Dockers. I bought a pair of shoes a couple of months ago from one of those ultra-cheap discount retailers, let's call it "Ross." About a month after I bought them, (and wore them about ten times) they got a big tear in one of the seams. I took them back to "Ross" and they told me tough luck, no receipt.

So then I called Dockers, who said, "Send us your shoes and we'll see..." Anyway, they sent me a pair of new shoes. I was very impressed that they stood behind their product and replaced it for me when it hadn't worked the way it should have. I don't know if I'm quite ready to get any Dockers elastic waistband slacks yet, but nonetheless, I like my shoes.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Public Confessions on Merried Life

1. Turns out Merry got pulled over by a cop on our wedding day as she was going to get her hair done at 5:00 AM, she never told me! I only found out when I was cleaning out the closet and found the warning slip the cop gave her in the box with all our wedding day stuff. If I had only known I was marrying such a reckless law breaker...

2. There were also about 150 more wedding invitations in the wedding day box; we're going to mail them out and see if we can get any more presents. People always say you should treat each other as if you are newly weds every day. If you get an invitation just recognize that we are trying to fulfill that goal of being like newly weds and send us an awesome gift. If you didn't get a thank you note after the first go-around, this is your chance, I guarantee that every one who sends a gift this time will get a thank you note!

3. Finals are upon us, basically Armageddon. So if you're expecting to hear from us any time soon don't fret, you are still loved; we're just extremely busy. On the other hand, it could be that we just don't love you any more (see item #2 in this post for how you can win our love back).

(This kind of Armageddon)

(Not this kind, if finals were like watching Armageddon I wouldn't be able to take it)

4. I think we should change our blog name to the title of this post, let me know what you think.

5. Listening to Mannheim Steamroller is one of my guilty pleasures at Christmas time.