Monday, February 16, 2009

Like, the Freakin' best Valentine's Ever!

For Valentine's Day we drove up to Preston, Idaho the town where the best movie ever, (or at least the best movie of the current century) Napoleon Dynamite, was filmed.

Preston High Marquee

Merry as Deb

Who says they don't have class in Preston, Idaho?

Too bad they didn't have any sweet suits or anything

I already get my hair cut at the Cuttin' Curral...

We didn't get any pampersStill celebrating the Holidays in Preston
How about some gold bracelets?
I guess you could say things are going pretty well...
"Wanna play me?"


  1. My dad grew up there, and my grandpa, aunts and uncles and all of my cousins live there now.

  2. Ha ha ha you crack me up...I can hear you say yessss Corbin's cousin lives in Preston so she took us on the grand tour of the city and all the napoleon sites, so fun.

  3. What a crazy, fun Valentine's day! :) hee hee hee