Monday, September 20, 2010

In Which Dave and Merry Are Accidentally Awesome!!!

When Dave and I go running, we occasionally run down a trail next to a canal, because it's pretty and offers some variety to the run. We go by horses and dogs, and some fields. It's pretty fun.

This trail runs through several big city blocks. We usually run until it comes to a little side street, and then go around a fence and onto the side street so that we don't have to do a huge long run. But sometimes we take the trail until it hits 9800 North, and then run a few blocks back to 27th, and then home. This is one of our longer runs. But I knew that the trail also crossed 94th and 90th somewhere down there, and we planned on running that full distance to 90th someday, just to see how awesome we were.

Well, on Saturday, Dave suggested that we run on the trail to 94th. We'd never done this before, but we were thinking that a longer run would be fun, and this would bring us one step closer to our goal of running to 90th and back. So we started into uncharted territory! We ran by new dogs! We dodged around horse droppings that we'd never seen before! We scared a lot of ducks that hung out in that section of the canal! Okay, it really wasn't that much more exciting than our usual canal runs, but it felt good to know that we were pushing ourselves.

Well, we came to the end of the next section of canal. By this time, the canal had curved to the left, and we were heading just about west, instead of north. When we turned off the canal trail, we headed north, expecting to come to 94th so we could turn east and head home. Well, it turns out that there's no through street at that point! Or at least, none of the streets that we saw looked like through streets. And there was no 94th. There was 9490, and 9350, but no 9400. Uh, sorry honey! I THOUGHT our trail intersected with 94th!

We could have just turned around on the trail, but we'd already run quite a ways to try to find a through street, and we didn't want to turn back. So we ended up running 4 more blocks down to 90th and completing our really long run!

Lest you think that 4 blocks isn't really that much more to add, it was 4 extra blocks down to 90th, then 4 more blocks back that we wouldn't have had to run. And 8 block in Utah equals 1 mile. So we added an extra mile to our run. We estimated that our run was 4.5-5 miles long. Fun!

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