Thursday, October 6, 2011

Quick, there's a woman!

Today in the grocery store, I was working my way down the isles to find everything that we needed for this week.  I had selected all of our produce, bread, and cereal.  The things that I had left were the meat and the dairy.

I decided to do the dairy first because I like to keep meat separate from my other groceries for as long as possible.  I know: they're packaged so they won't get meat stuff on my other food, and having it in the cart for 1 minute isn't going to cause less contamination than 5 minutes.  But still, I wanted to get the meat last.

I went to the dairy section and got milk, butter, and sour cream.  To get to the sour cream I had to go around a man who was standing in front of the fridge talking on his cell phone.  He moved back for me, and it was no big deal.  As I was putting the sour cream in my cart and started to walk away, he quickly got off the phone and said, "Excuse me.  Could I ask you a question?"

I said "Sure" and he said, "Where is the fat free sour cream?"

I was kind of laughing to myself because he was standing right in front of it.  I said, "It's in the fridge right there."  He asked, "How can you tell which one's fat free?"

I knew thing because I had just been debating whether or not to get fat free or reduced fat.  I know that fat free is really better for you.  But sour cream just doesn't taste like sour cream without a little fat.  I got the reduced fat, which is in the blue container.  So I told him that the fat free sour cream was in the green container.  And I added, "It says 'fat free' underneath the words 'sour cream.'"

He seemed a little chagrined that he had missed it.  He then admitted that he hadn't been able to find it and had called someone at home to help him figure it out.  Whoever she was, she had instructed him to find a woman in the store to help him figure out which container was fat free.  No wonder he got off the phone so fast!  He saw his chance for help and needed to take it!

This reminded me a lot of my dad.  He would go do grocery shopping for my mom, and he has learned that it's better to call and make sure that he gets the right things.  It kind of made my afternoon!


  1. I love that the person on the phone told him to find a woman! haha

    It reminds me of Vince going to the grocery store a few weeks ago. I told him to buy organic WHOLE milk and repeated it like 5 times. Whole milk, not low-fat or 2%, WHOLE. He said he knew, yadda yadda, and what did he come home with? FAT FREE. It was so gross and watery! He said he just saw the picture of the red cow on the front and he remembered it, but he obviously didn't read the carton. Why is it that men can't read the 'small' print on the front?

  2. LOL! That is so funny. Way to be a good samaritan!

  3. Merry, I CANNOT believe that I didn't realize you had a blog until now! I'm a horrible friend! And this post made me laugh out loud! Kinda reminds me of Isaac when he goes shopping, except sometimes he calls my mom instead of me for help (out of embarrassment, I think). I find it thoroughly endearing.

  4. Steff, that is so funny! That also reminds me of my dad.

    Julia, I try to help out when I can. I'm glad it was easy to!

    Camber, I'm glad you found us!

  5. This post made me laugh out loud... had to read it to Scott.

    It reminds me of my brother Josh. When he was in high school/early college he was really hopeless when it came to buying clothes. He came home one day after shopping and was really pleased with himself. He told me that he had come up with an amazing plan. He would find an outfit and then find a cute girl and ask her if it matched. Usually the girl would help him find other things that looked good and he had the opportunity to ask her out.