Monday, August 13, 2012


Well, the time has finally come for Dave and me to move on from our home in Pahrump.  That's right, we're moving!  Dave got a new job at a civil law firm in Mesquite, Nevada.  It's on the Nevada/Arizona border.  Dave was interviewed on a Friday (2.5 weeks ago), offered the job Saturday (the next day), accepted the job on the Tuesday after that, we left for a vacation to Nebraska on Wednesday (the next day), and didn't get home until Monday (a week ago). We moved most of our things into our new apartment this last Saturday.  So basically, we did most of the moving preparations in 4 days! I never want to move this fast again!

The last few things we have to do are clean the old apartment (all that's really left is the kitchen and the garage) and have the carpet cleaned.  Then we'll come back in 1.5 weeks to have the walk through with the property manager and we'll officially be moved out.  I am glad that I could have this time to clean while Dave completes his last couple days of work.  It's nice to be moving only 2 hours away instead of several states away so that we have this option to take our time cleaning after our stuff is moved out.

Our ward members have been so nice to help us with things we've needed during this move.  One family came and helped me pack up the moving truck while Dave was at work on Friday.  I could never have done it myself and it would have been very difficult or impossible for me and Dave to do it ourselves later that night (besides the fact that I am 18 weeks pregnant, there was stuff that took 3-4 people to lift into the truck).  There are also a couple of families that brought us meals yesterday and today since all of our dishes are in Mesquite.  And we are sleeping on a borrowed air mattress!  It's a little crazy staying in an apartment that is basically empty, but it just makes me that much more excited to move to Mesquite and enjoy all of my belongings again!

It is interesting to look back at the time that we spent here in Pahrump.  When we first got here, we were so excited about Dave's new job as Judge Lane's law clerk.  We were excited to get to know people in our ward.  And really, the people in our ward are salt of the earth people.  When we think about Pahrump in the future, it will be the ward members that we miss, as well as a few of Dave's co-workers.  We are excited for the new job and for being closer to family in Utah, but it will be difficult to find another ward like the one we've had here.

When we get to Mesquite, I'll find my camera cord and post a few pictures from Dave's farewell party at work.  I'll also post my first belly picture!


  1. Merrrrry!!! Ha I'm excited for you guys to have more moving adventures. And I'm sorry I never saw you when you were in Pahrump-a-pam pam :) If I drive to Utah after you've moved in, I really will stop in Mesquite and see you guys. Sounds like you have had good adventures this summer though!

  2. It's so fun to have a new exciting chapter in your life! I hope you love Mesquite just as much!