Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Family Update (wherein Dave and Merry go crazy with the new camera)

We've had a new baby, in fact its our first one.  We are now conscious of our obligation to provide the world with a photographic record of Lizzie Jo's every move, smile, grimace, and cutesy dress up outfit.  We realized straightaway that our old dinosaur of a camera just was not going to cut it.  We are now the proud owners of a Panasonic Lumix GMX-F5K mirrorless 4/3 digital camera, which is capable of taking over four pictures per second.  Now, whenever Lizzie does anything, we will be there, camera in hand.

As some of you (mainly grandparents) may know, today is Lizzie Jo's first week birthday.  It's been a busy week; she's learned a lot, grown a lot, and has made some major changes in her lifestyle.

 She tried to kidnap us and ransom us for "one meeellion dollars", but promptly fell asleep.
 Her first attempt at whistling was not terribly successful.
 So then she flipped us both off for laughing at her.
 And then karate chopped us.
 She promptly felt badly and hid her face.
 And then started to cry.
 She likes to hang out with her dad.
 She also likes to hang out with her mom.

 First family picture (asleep)!

It's been a busy week for Lizzie Jo but luckily there is a mommy blog and a new camera to keep track of it all!


  1. Oh, you guys are all just so cute!

  2. Does this mean Dave is bearded again? Also Lizzie Jo is really cute. She already looks different than her hospital pictures.

  3. LOL. Love it. Can't wait to see the fun posts you have!

  4. Thanks guys! Dave IS bearded again! I think Lizzy Jo will pretty much always know him that way.

    You can tell we're still getting used to the camera and how it operates. The lense casts a shadow in all of the first pictures!

  5. So fun....I am sad that I cannot hold Her RIGHT NOWWW!!!!!1
    This having to borrow babies to get my Grandma fix is the pits....
    Love all three of you!
    Mom E.

  6. She is so beautiful! Congratulations!

  7. You are so cute. She is so cute. I love your little picture book story there. and I miss you and that humor and laugh of yours, although I heard your voice in my head while I read.