Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lizzy Say What!?

So it's officially summer here in Mesquite. Lizzy still insists on going for a daily walk; she is apparently impervious to heat. Anyway, I took her out at about 10:00 AM and it was already about 98 degrees outside. Needless to say it was a short walk. Afterwards I was opening the garage and the stroller was inadvertently, faced into the sun.  I heard Lizzy say:

L: Dad, you're turning me into toast.
Dave: Huh?
L: I'm toast.
Dave: Oh, is it because it's toasty outside? (something I frequently say)
L: Yeah, Dad.  I'm toast now.

Some other Lizzy Jo-isms include:

L: I'm feeling nervous about going to the babysitter today.  I think I should stay home.
Dave: Why are you feeling nervous?
L: There are boys at her house.  I don't like them.
Dave: Why not?
L: Because they are boys.

(after Merry had yelled at her)
Merry: Should I have a time out?
L: Yeah.
Dave: How long should I set the timer for?
L: Two weeks.

Instead of asking "Are you okay?", Lizzy just says, "Okay?"

When Merry was sweeping the floor after a glass shattered, she kept telling Lizzy Jo to stay out of the kitchen.

L: I'll be careful.
Merry: No, please stay out of the kitchen.
L: I'll be careful in the kitchen.
Merry: No, I'm still sweeping.
L: But all the big pieces are sweep, so I can go in.
Merry: No, there are still small pieces that can hurt you.
Merry: (A few minutes later.) Okay, Lizzy, you can come in the kitchen now.
L: I can?  Mmmmm, no.

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  1. It turns out that 2-year-olds, for all their flaws, are an almost-constant source of linguistic entertainment. I am personally going to miss a lot of things about this stage when it's over. It's all the funnier with Lizzie because she's so precocious.