Saturday, July 9, 2016

Pool Mishaps

This afternoon we went swimming at Bo's (Dave's boss's) house.  His family has an amazing pool that they let us come swim in.  The edge of the pool is made of rock and Charly (ever the climber) wanted to climb up the 1.5 feet of rock to the divider between the pool and the hot tub.  I was next to her and not really encouraging her because she climbs and falls so often.  But the rock is chunky and has lots of places for hands and feet, and she got herself up a few inches.  She slipped and fell into the water, uninjured.  But she turned to me and in a voice with a little worry she said, "Did you scared, Mama?"  I said, "No, were you scared, Charly?"  "Yeah."

I love her little voice and the way she says things.  She frequently turns her statements into questions, like, "Is it too hot?" when she touches the ground outside and she KNOWS it's too hot.  She will also say "You're poopy" for "I'm poopy", so I think she was actually telling me that she was scared instead of asking me if I was.

The funky way her hair dried after swimming.

The second mishap at the pool was when Lizzy was diving for her pool rings.  She was getting tired and Dave started diving for the rings that she threw.  After he'd retrieved all of the rings from the deep end at the same time, he was looking for a harder challenge.  He told Lizzy Jo to throw her finger ring.  It was a heart-shaped ring that she had started wearing every day since she wanted to be like me with my wedding ring.  She looked confused and hesitant, so Dave said, "Don't worry, I will dive and get it for you."  That was all it took to convince her.  Literally, she took it off and threw it in a flash, and neither Dave nor I saw where she threw it.  We both looked all over that pool, inside and out, but the ring was never recovered.

This blow was too much for her, and we had some tears as we left.  But we bought four Frozen rings from Walmart on the way home.  Lizzy gave one to Charly right away, "The star one 'cause Charly really likes stars," she said.  Then she was trying on all the other ones.  Dave suggested that I hold on to the extra rings in case she lost the one she put on.  "No, because if I lose one, I will just put on another one.  And if I lose another one, I will just put on another one.  And if I lose another one, I will have Charly's!"

Lizzy with her new ring.

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