Sunday, August 27, 2017

Joey's Baby Blessing

This cute boy was blessed in church today.

It was a beautiful occasion for us as a family to reflect on the wonderful little soul that has come to our home.  Ever since he was born, Joey has instantly been loved by his sisters.  And they feel his love for them too.  Lizzy started saying almost immediately after he was born, "He loves me!"  Actually, she usually says "He loves me the best!"

Charly frequently asks to hold Joey.  She also loves getting right in his face (as you can see) and talking to him.  She thinks that he should answer back sometimes!  When Joey started smiling a couple of weeks ago, whenever he saw Charly he would break out in a huge grin!

These girls have all kinds of nicknames for this cute boy.  Jo-Bums, Jo-Jo, Jo-Bupst, Dean-Deans, and Jo-Pete.

He loves it when people talk to him.  He will calm down and smile when someone talks or coos to him.  And he answers back (Follow the link to see a video of him when he was two months old)!  I think he's more of a talker than my girls were at this age (admittedly, it is hard to remember how much they cooed at this age).  And here are some pictures from when he turned two months old.  Here's our cutie!

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