Sunday, July 20, 2008

My House Hunt is Over

I've lived in my currant apartment for more than a year. I've had one roommate that entire time, and some other roommates through various semesters, and all of them have been great. But all of my roommates (current ones and past ones that are still in the complex) are moving out this fall. One of them is going to India, one of them is going to Ghana, a couple of them are married, three of them are moving to other apartments, and one of them is getting married. That's Lorie. I was a little sad at first about the idea of being the only one left here and starting out with new roommates. I really like the place I live in, and the friends I have in my complex and ward. So I almost decided to stay. But there are lots of other people in the complex that are moving out for the fall too, and I knew it wouldn't be the same to stay here anyway. So I was thinking about finding a new place to live.

My roommate Lorie is not getting married until November 29th, and she told me that I could come live with her! She's going to live in the apartment she and Alec will share until they get married and he moves in, and she invited me to live with her until then. I'll get to pay cheaper rent and it will help Lorie not have to pay so much rent by herself. It seemed like the perfect deal for both of us. But the only problem was finding good housing.

Lorie looked at several places by herself, or at least she tried. There were several times that someone rented the place she really wanted right before she got a chance to see it or make an offer on it. So she was way frustrated about that. Plus, Alec is in New York right now, and I wasn't available to go with her, so she'd been doing it all on her own. Then she left town to go home to Colorado and then to San Diego with her mom to visit her grandma for several weeks. So the hunt fell to me.

I looked at a couple of places. It was hard because I either had to get a ride from someone or walk to whatever place I was looking at. My car doesn't have a working clutch, so I'm footin' it around Provo these days. So it was nice when I finally found THE PLACE WE'RE GOING TO LIVE!! Br Br-Br Brrrrrrrrr! Heritage Court is the place! We're going to live in a basement apartment, one bedroom, little kitchen, little living room, little bathroom. It's WAY far south of campus, so I'll probably do a lot more walking than I've been doing, or using Lorie's bike. Exciting!


  1. YEA Merry! It's always nice to have a plan. So what do you think you'll do in December after you graduate?

  2. haha, you make it sounds like our place is so sad..little everything and way south of campus...the kitchen is little, but the living room isn't that bad...
    :) I'm glad you are living with me though, and just think...1 fridge+2 girls= much greater happiness than 1 fridge+6 girls :)