Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beautiful Life

Two things to write about tonight:

1. Yesterday as I was driving around south of campus, I saw a guy getting out of his car with a huge bouquet of flowers. He walked up the sidewalk to a house. That's all that happened that I saw.

2. Tonight as I was driving home from a party Cousin Rachel invited me to, I saw lightening and heard thunder, and my immediate thought was that I should go hop the fence into the cemetery just down the street and sit somewhere in there to watch the display. This may seem odd, but I've been thinking about visiting that cemetery ever since I found out I was going to be living this close to it, which has been since early July. I think it will be a quiet place to contemplate life if I ever follow through with that urge. Which I will not do tonight...I know my mother would probably be horrified...not at the sitting in the cemetery part, but the jumping the fence part.

These two experiences are part of what I'd like to consider the realm of possibility. My wonderful cousin Geneil told me once (in her own words of course) that what she missed from single life, now that she's absolutely blissfully married, is the feeling that when you wake up in the morning there is a cloud of possibility that hangs over you, making anything possible. And ever since she said that to me, I've realized that it's true. I could go jump the fence to the cemetery. I have the possibility of getting flowers in the future (daisies please). And there are an infinite number of possibilities in my life to look forward to and choose from. Beautiful life!


  1. SO TRUE! Not to knock married life, but you are in a time where everything is exciting because anything could happen. How fun is that?

  2. It's so true! That's how I feel about being married. It's wonderful...but you don't have that same freedom that anything could happen, that if you're bored you could just knock on someone's door and sit down on their couch. When you're single it seems like your future could go anywhere, but once you're married you still don't know what the future holds but the plans are more laid out.

  3. :-) I am so glad that you are enjoying the wide-open possibilities! I am enjoying my more-defined possibilities these days, too - sure enough, happy possibilities are always there when you look for them. (Ha, like staying up past midnight because we don't have to go to work tomorrow! Are we rebels or what! *lol*)

    (Also, you have officially made me feel like a rock star by calling me "wonderful" in your blog. You sweet girl!)

  4. Horrified!!??? Over jumping a fence into a cemetery? I jumped a fence on campus just last Monday - and then I jumped back over it when I was done doing what I jumped over to do. Have I told you recently that I AM in my 60th year? Almost to the midpoint of my life - and I still jump over fences. You can't ever quit or life starts going downhill really fast. Makes me think I ought to go jump over the fence of the cemetery that borders the campus - at night of course - alone.

  5. Mom, I was talking about the illegality of visiting the cemetery after closing hours...Your kids have gotten into trouble from that! :)