Sunday, August 24, 2008

Preparing to Hibernate

I am obsessed with reading blogs! I have added several blogs to my list to read, and I spent several hours reading through old posts today and yesterday. (Sorry if I didn't leave comments! I like getting comments, but that hasn't translated yet into me realizing that that means I should leave comments too!) I was up pretty late last night reading, when my computer started to shut off and said "Preparing to Hibernate." I was way surprised. The computer had been plugged in all day, and I had received no warning that the battery was getting low. I didn't get it. I was just about to plug it back in and try to get back on when I saw what time it was. It was after 2 am! I realized that I needed to also prepare to hibernate for the night.

Now I think I'm going to try to limit myself in the amount of time I can spend on blogs...It's just not healthy to stay up that late reading about other people's lives when I should be sleeping or out living my own life! to the hibernation chamber!

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  1. I SO know what you mean! My name is Erin, and I'm a blog addict. It only gets worse though! I seriously have to limit my time. But my justification is, none of my friends live here, so this is how I keep in touch!