Monday, May 4, 2009

It's about time I post something on my blog about my car.

That's right, I have a car. I bought my grandma's white Olsmobile Cutlass back in mid-February, and it's been wonderful to have some transportation! Especially since Dave was always coming down to see me in Provo and I could never go up to Salt Lake to see him. So now I've been able to make a few trips up there, and get around Provo easier. And it's great!

Here are a few pictures.

I wanted to call her Phlegm because of her license plate, but it was changed when I registered it.

So now I call her Eunice.

There's a car named Eunice?


So, the other day I went to put some gas into Eunice, and when she was full she wouldn't start. After several jump starts, and an embarrassing situation with my car stalled in the middle of University Parkway, I found out that Eunice needed the alternator replaced. And the battery. Fortunately, the battery could be replaced for free because it was still under warranty.

I'd really like to start calling her Burnsy, but I'll have to wait to do that until she does something really cool, like demonstrate her superb evasion skills. Oh wait! She did that a few Saturdays ago! This is a fun story. I was driving home from Emily's house, and Dave was following me because we had driven down to pick up his car, which I had left at Emily's that morning. As I was driving, I noticed a car ahead of me that looked just like mine turn right onto a side street. It was also a white Oldsmobile Cutlass. And as soon as I saw it turn, I knew that Dave would think that I had turned. Dave followed the decoy and we went by undetected! Until I blew our cover by calling Dave, that is. But you see now why she is worthy of being called Burnsy?


  1. I love the whole "what's up Doc" movie tie in. Great to have you and Dave over the other night.

  2. Merry you just plain ROCK. Need I say more? Nope.

  3. Just make sure you and Burnsie (or rather the one who isn't Burnsie) don't end up at 459 Derilla Street

  4. I love this!!! We should hang out now that you have a fab car!!! :)

    We went last weekend to AZ...

  5. MARRIAGE! congratulations- i am so so happy for you.

  6. So, would you believe growing up my parents had a white cutlass ciera just like that? And then a drunk lady hit us and totalled it, and they guessed it...another white cutlass ciera. About three years ago they finally realized that they had other cars and it was time to let it go. But we have many good memories in the old white car.
    Oh, and btw, how come there's no post here about getting engaged?!? I need details!!

  7. I say it's about time you post something on your blog about that "m" word ;)