Thursday, June 25, 2009

An even closer to Excellent Weekend!

Merry is back from New York (thank goodness), and we are finally getting around to planning our wedding (okay, we did a lot of stuff right when we got engaged but then interest in registries, invitations, cakes, and other sundry things started to wane, I mean, when you've got three whole months, what's the worry?) It was a good thing we got as much done at the beginning of our engagement as we did, otherwise this next month and a half would be really stressful (as it is, things are just plain stressful, kind of like the difference between regular and super size). On top of all the wedding (not to be confused with weeding, which is tedious rather than just stressful) stuff, I've got a final on Monday dealing with the 1st and 14th Amendments. Much like the alchemists of medieval fame, I must find a way to turn 50 pages of decidedly lead-like notes into some kind of academic gold, not particularly likely.

The good news is that the weather has finally decided to get its act together and act like summer. Being in love in the spring time was great, neither of us had ever smooched in the rain and this spring, whether we wanted to or not, we smooched in the rain...repeatedly. It (I put "it" here because it sounds downright unscientific to say "the sky") rained every day for an entire month (for those of you who protest that you distinctly remember sunny days in May I am sorry to inform you that you misremember, probably caused by all that alchemy!). The upshot of all this that I'm taking a break from studying and Merry's taking a break from her crazy work schedule to float the Provo River on Saturday. Here are the pictures of what it will be like:

The Provo River

For those of you who do not recognize this portion of the Provo River, you just need to take the "hard core water falls" fork in the river. I'm pretty sure there's a sign.

Our Boat (or at least one similar to ours)

This is an inflatable (or as the boat snobs call them,
semi-rigid) raft, we will also be in an inflatable raft.


  1. I'll be honest I love it when Dave post's on the blog.

  2. My lovely friend! Yes I am still at my parents house and I am so excited to get your invitation! I will do everything I can to make it, sure love ya, and CONGRATS. I will try to email you my parents address, although I am not sure if I understand your email address.