Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Perplexing Conundrum

As many of you know, Merry is gluten-intolerant. I knew this when we started dating and it didn't really bother me too much because there are some great gluten-free foods and even if there weren't I would give up gluten for Merry any day of the week. However, we have discovered since our marriage than I am allergic to xantham gum. Normal foods containing xantham gum have very small amounts and don't bother me; gluten free foods of necessity often contain quite a bit more (relatively) because the xantham gum takes the place of gluten and binds everything together.

The upshot of all of this is that Merry can't eat glutonous pizza and I can't eat gluten-free pizza; since we're still poor college students we certainly can't afford to make/buy one of each every time we want pizza so for now we are just doing without and mourning the loss of one of our favorite comfort foods.

Ah pizza, how we mourn your fall
and weep your early demise
To be cheesy was delicious
But put that on crust? divine.
Alas, the crust was the end
And in it we see only hunger's pall
And though we cross Rubicon and Rhine
Never again your name we will call.


  1. That is just about the most random coincidence I've ever heard of. :/ May you eat pizza soon!

  2. Indeed! Otherwise it would be an undeniable tragedy!

  3. Oh, my! That is a crazy coincidence! All I can think of to say is that you will really appreciate pizza after you graduate and can afford to make/ buy both kinds of pizza :-)

  4. Oh no!! Not xanthum gum! That's horrible. Maybe you can make a pizza casserole or something with rice?

  5. I am sorry, but this is just HILARIOUS!!! Haha. Who would've thought?! Hilarious in a sad sad pizza deprived way. Sorry you two!

  6. Pizza, like marriage and love, is meant to be cherished together. It would be unjust for one of use to be in the Garden of Cheesy Eden while the other languished in baked potato outer darkness. That's all I have to say about that!

  7. Taking Merry out for dinner was always interesting - I couldn't eat dairy, she couldn't eat wheat.

  8. Well, I think you could buy some pizza dough of both kinds and make your own pizzas at the same time and each eat what you can. Then Merry could put green olives on her pizza if she wanted to and live to tell about it.