Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I really do love teaching.

So, I may have had some teaching anxiety earlier this week. I think it's understandable, what with starting two new classes this week and all. But tonight I got to teach my community ed. class, which I started to teach 2 weeks ago. It was great! I love that these people want to learn so much, and they are really fun to work with. Tonight I taught them all a bit about how to use Word to write, and how to attach a Word document to an email (since they email their drafts to me). There were some funny moments. Especially since I couldn't figure out how to turn on the projector at first, and I looked a bit technologically backwards myself! But I really love seeing my students smile during class. I enjoy making a fool of myself sometimes if it lightens the mood and helps my students enjoy learning more. This class really is great! So even though I do sometimes get anxious about teaching, nights like this one will always make me feel glad that I'm a teacher!


  1. Seriously-- I bet you are an awesome teacher!! You are so pretty, Merry, and you seem so happy! I'm happy for you. :)

  2. Being a teacher is so great! I can't imagine teaching adults though! I am sure you do a fab job!

  3. I try to be an awesome teacher! I'm not sure what my students think about me, but it really is fun. I like teaching adults a lot!