Monday, October 18, 2010

Jumping in at The Rock

I have been meaning to post this for quite a while. Dave and I like to have fun on the Provo River, and one Friday we decided to go for our last jump of the season at The Rock.

This is the rock that President Monson has talked about playing at when he was young, so you know this boulder has witnessed a lot of fun over the years.

Here we are, walking on the railroad tracks from Vivian Park up the Provo River to where the rock is.

Dave humors me by posing for the blog!

Here is the picture of the rock again.  This was around September 15th (I can't remember the exact date) and it was starting to get cold here in Utah.  And up the canyon at this spot, it was a bit chilly.  And that was before getting into this ice cold water!

Here are the after shots!  Dave was thinking, "Why do you have a camera in my face?"

And I was thinking, "Wow, that was invigorating!"


  1. Love it!! That's so cool. My mom was talking about driving up to Vivian Park and seeing Pres. Monson's family's land up there. She said it's beautiful in Utah right now... and I miss it in some tiny way. :) You guys are so fun!! It's these kinds of things you'll remember one day, you know?!

  2. It IS beautiful in Utah right now. We just drove back from Colorado, and driving through all of the canyons made me want to live in a tent outdoors! :D