Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend in Colorado

Last weekend Dave and I drove to Colorado to bring his aunt Angee back home.  We got to visit this beautiful city:

Denver was really fun to visit.  We spent time with Angee and her husband Don.  We also stayed with Dave's cousin Tiffany and her husband Joe.  And we got to play alot with Tiffany's daughter, Madi.  Such a cutie!

There were some train tracks right by Tiffany's house, and we had to wait for this really long train.  It made me think of waiting to cross the tracks in Flagstaff.  I like trains!

On Friday, when our family was working, Dave and I decided to go to the Denver aquarium.  Check out these awesome pictures!

One huge, ugly fish!  These kinds of fish can live up to 100 years.  Crazy.

A shark.  Dunnnn-DUN!  Dunnnn-DUN!

A large sting ray.  We got to "pet" some sting rays in a petting pool.  They felt like a really soft rubber.  Fun!

I love this picture!  Look at all these colorful starfish, anemonie and coral!

This doesn't look like we took the picture, but we did.

This was the scariest, biggest shark in the tank.  JAWS!!!

Jelly fish.  This tank is a jelly-filled.  (Those of you who like Strange Brew will get it.)

A saw-tooth shark.  At least, that's what we called it.  I don't know it's real name.

We also went to this really cool cornmaze while we were in CO.  I told Dave earlier this year that I really wanted to go to a cornmaze in October.  So he asked his cousin to look up cornmazes around Denver.  This is the one that we found:

There were 24 (I think) checkpoints in the maze.  You used a little map of the maze to find your way around, and at each checkpoint you used a hole punch (each with a different shape) to mark off the checkpoint on your map.  I think that people who got them all could enter for a prize.  We couldn't get to all of them.  We were with Tiffany and Madi, and Madi's legs were just so short that there was no way we could get to all of them.  She's almost 2.  But I wanted to go to a few, instead of just wandering around aimlessly, and Dave worked with me to read the map.  He's such a sweetie!


  1. So fun! I have only been to Denver once but I liked it alot!

  2. It was fun! This was my first trip, aside from visits to the mission home during my mission.