Friday, January 20, 2012

Wake Me Up When September Ends

September 2011 was a beautiful month.  Dave and I were reunited. I was able to start serving in my calling as a Young Women's counselor.  And we had a couple of fun road trips.

One of our young women activities was making animals out of bath towels, like they do on cruises.  Dave and I were still in the planning stages of our cruise, so I thought this activity was AWESOME!!  Here are a few pictures:

Road trip #1 was to Flagstaff for my niece's wedding!  I am toward the younger end of my family and Steffani, my oldest brother's daughter, is 20.  Here are a few pictures from the wedding and the family fun:

 Dave and my dad before the wedding.

Our cute "Reserved" signs.  The wedding was in my parents' back yard.

Steffani and her dad walking in at the beginning of the ceremony.

Steffani and her husband Vince, with all of her aunts who could make it.

The proud grandparents!

Steffani had a fun idea for the processional from the wedding ceremony to the reception.  A lot of the wedding guests got on bikes (because Steff and Vince are both really into biking) and rode from my parents' house through downtown Flagstaff, and ended up at Steff and Vince's place for the reception.  I loved it!

Here is my cute nephew, Will, and my brother and sister-in-law.

Doesn't Steff look awesome in her white dress on her bike?  Vince is on the far right.

After the wedding, I stayed in Flagstaff to help my parents clean up their house a bit, since they were preparing for their mission and needed to clean it out to rent it.  And I rode the Greyhound back to Las Vegas later that week.  Wow, what an adventure!  That's a whole other post in itself, though.

The next weekend, Dave and I drove to Utah to go to a wedding.  My high school friend Jo-Pete got married in August in Washington, and had a Utah reception in September.  It was fun to see JP and Jean again and to get to know her.  We went to Five Guys for lunch the day before the reception, since we wanted to spend time with them and didn't want to monopolize them at the reception.  It was a lot of fun!  I just can't believe we didn't get any pictures with them.

The only thing really not beautiful about the month was that the weather in Nevada hadn't cooled down very much.  It was still fairly hot here during the whole month.


  1. Yay, my wedding! =)

    I love that elephant towel, it looks so perfect!

  2. Yeah, I meant to put up pictures from your wedding a LONG time ago! And I really like the elephant too. I can't decide if I like the elephant or the pig better.