Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Workout and a Half

During the last week we've done a few fun things.  Dave has studied for the Bar exam.  Oh, wait, that's not a fun thing.  But that's what he's been doing a lot of.  He'll take the Nevada Bar exam at the end of February, so we have a little more than a month of the studying.

Okay, on to the really fun things.  I went to a Zumba class!  It's the first time that I've done Zumba, and I LOVED it!  I'd heard of Zumba before, and I watched my 10-year-old niece doing it on the Wii a month ago.  It didn't seem so bad.  So when I heard of a free Zumba class here in Pahrump, I decided to try it out.  Haha!  It wasn't "bad", but it was HARD!  I have never been so tired only 15 minutes into a workout!  I almost left after about 25 minutes.  But I stuck it out for the full hour, and it was a lot of fun.  I am planning on going again for a free class tonight.

I love these free classes, but I know that they are just to get me hooked before the gym opens.  Once the gym opens they'll start charging for the classes.  And I think that they may have already hooked this customer!  We'll see how much they charge.

Another fun thing from this week is that we bought two new BIG things.  The first one we bought, we were planning on: a new computer.  Dave needs a laptop to take the Bar exam, and the one that we have is kind of on the fritz.  You have to angle the screen a certain way or else these lines (like static) appear on the screen and cover anything you're trying to look at.  And it's gotten progressively worse over the last 2 months, so we decided that it would be better to get a new computer now rather than wait for the old one to die.  It arrived today, and I am graciously waiting until Dave gets home to open it, since he is pretty excited about this purchase.

The second item we bought was unplanned: a new vacuum.  The old one croaked this last week; the brush wouldn't turn at all when the vacuum was turned on.  So it would still make the loud vacuum noise that made you think it was working, and then the floor would be just as dirty after you vacuumed as before.  Fun!  But we decided that we would prefer clean floors to a noisy exercise routine!  The vacuum arrived yesterday, through Amazon, and the shipping didn't cost us anything since we have Amazon Prime.  Seriously, living in rural Nevada and not being willing to drive an hour to go shopping in Vegas makes Amazon Prime worth it.  And you get to shop from the comfort of your own home!

Have any of you made some fun/big purchases lately?


  1. We bought a new car on Saturday. We've been talking about trading in the toaster for awhile now (like over a year) and Mark Miller in SLC had THE car, for a great deal, and gave us a lil' more on our trade-in than it appraised for. We couldn't say no! We love it!
    P.S. I love a new vacuum! We had to buy one last year (same reason you did) and it's so nice!

  2. I hate spending money on things like vacuums! It's not as fun as something like a new computer.

    This week Vince and I bought new shelving of rate kitchen that I"m excited about!

  3. Natalie, wow! That's a pretty big one. I think the computer has been our most expensive purchase as a couple (aside from Dave's college education!).

    Steff, your shelving sounds awesome! Are they in the picture you posted today of your kitchen?

  4. Nope, we're actually getting rid of that one! The new one will cover the whole back wall that the other one is on now, and will be about 5 feet tall! Then we'll have space in the to fit a tall round table with bar stools!

  5. Go for the gym pass when they open. I got roped into one back in college...but then I used it and was so glad! Classes like zumba are so much more motivating and fun than working out on your own.

  6. Camber, I just found out that the gym membership is $30, but the classes are $5 each if I just go to the classes. So I think I'll start out just paying per class (I think I can only handle once a week right now). But I can see myself going often enough to make a membership worth it in the future.