Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

This is such a fun day to ponder.  Think "Pirates of Penzance."  Think "marriage proposals by women."  Think "years that are divisible by 100 and 400."

Okay, so maybe it doesn't hold that much magic for all of you.  But I was really excited for this day to come around this year.  It adds one more day to my birth month, prolonging the magic (And you know I love Cake).

My birthday this year was pretty nice.  I turned 28.  And while that does seem to be getting a little up there (that's almost 30, people), I still feel very young and happy with my age.  I loved my present from Dave, which is a Nook!  Yes, we've joined the people of the e-readers!  I finished my first book on it about 3 days after I got it.  It was The Help, which I thought was amazing.  And I have already downloaded about a bazillion free books from Google Books that I plan to read.  Their offering of classics is great!

Also for my birthday, my sister-in-law Anita and her husband Dean came down to Nevada from Utah and hung out with us for the Presidents' Day Weekend!!  We had a lot of fun.  We went shopping in Las Vegas, visited the Strip, and went to eat at The Wicked Spoon, which is an amazing buffet.  Seriously, if you are ever in Vegas and don't mind paying quite a bit for REALLY amazing food, you should try it out.  And not only was the food amazing, they offered a lot of different kinds of food and the presentation was really cool.  One of their desserts was a brownie with fudge sauce.  It came in its own little saucepan!  Fun!  I don't know if I'll ever go back again (Okay, it was expensive: $35 per person), but it was such a fun way to celebrate my birthday.


  1. Have you been to Hash House A-Go-Go? There is one on the strip, but another one located in Vegas not on the strip. We went with locals when we went to Vegas in May. Amazing, tons of food for you money, so good, and not super expensive. You should try it next time you make it to Vegas. So worth it, I'd go back just to eat there.

  2. I still need to read The Help. I've had it on my bookshelf for so long now!

  3. Holly, I've never been there, but heard that it was good. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Steff, it is so good. Very, very good! When you get a break from school, I hope you enjoy it.