Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh, What a Wierd-o I Am!

This week Dave and I are in Las Vegas for a few days.  Dave is taking the Bar exam today, tomorrow, and Thursday.  We decided that it would be easier to stay in Vegas so that Dave wouldn't have to get up really early to make it to the testing site on time.  But we are (and I mean mostly I am) pretty cheap (and we've recently had some expensive days, since I had my birthday a couple of weeks ago!!!), so we decided to bring food for most of our meals with us.  We are keeping it in a cooler with ice.  This is not the normal approach to staying in a hotel in Vegas, let me assure you!

But I felt like it was a good decision for us, and I was totally happy doing it.  When we went in to check into our hotel, there was obviously going to be a lot of stuff to bring in, and I decided to bring in some of the food that wouldn't fit in the cooler (cereal, silverware, plastic bowls, etc).  But we found out that we were a little early for check in and couldn't get to our room for a couple of hours.  No biggy.  As we headed back to our car, we discussed some options for killing time.

Dave suggested that we go to Mandalay Bay to see the shark tank.  Since we were trying to save on money on this trip, my immediate response was, "Is it free?"  Dave and I were walking across a parking lot, and he was a little ahead of me since we were walking out of the way of cars and there were other pedestrians on the side of the road.  I had to speak kind of loudly.  And suddenly, a ridiculous image of myself came into my mind:

I was carrying a grocery bag with two open boxes of cereal and plastic bowls, asking loudly "Is it free?"  I looked like a BAG LADY!!!  The people around me didn't know me or what we were talking about.  They just knew how crazy I looked.

To be honest, I didn't really get any crazy looks from anyone, but I felt ridiculous.  It's a good thing that Dave and I know how to laugh at ourselves and each other.  I can tell that this one is going to go down in the history books.  I can imagine us saying to each other years from now, "Is it free????!!!!!"  :D


  1. Ha ha, no worries! When we go out on the weekends and are deciding where to go eat, I'm always, "We have a coupon for ..."

  2. Hahaha I do stuff like this with Vince and then I'll think, 'Man, I feel so crazy right now!'

  3. Merry, you are a woman after my own heart. I hope we don't become hoarders in addition to bag ladies. Is my drawer full of plastic silverware I collected from work a bad sign?...

  4. Oh, good. I am in good company! :D