Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Favorite Art

There are some religious paintings that Dave and I love.  Here are just a few:

Christ and the Wealthy Young Man, by Heinrich Hofmann

O Jerusalem, by Greg Olsen

Christ at Gethsemane II, by Carl Bloch

Christ in Gethsemane, by Harry Anderson

The Sacred Grove, by Greg Olsen

Jesus at the Door, by Del Parson

The Gleaners, by James Harwood

I think that all of these are pretty self-explanatory, except for maybe the last one.  I like the symbolism of this family gleaning the field together.  Missionaries are told that the field is white, ready to harvest, but families need to be involved in missionary work together. 

What are some of your favorite religious pieces of art?


  1. You put up some of my favorites. Some of these are "classics" that I grew up with, and maybe that's why I like them more. And maybe I like them because they don't make Christ look like a cartoon, or show him with a goatee. Ugh. You have excellent taste :)

  2. Or show him smiling that hideous toothy grin in that painting Del Parson did to soften up the "Christ in Reb Robe" painting.

    And thanks!

  3. Hey Merry, those top two are two of my fave! There are some more that I like but I don't know what they are called:) So are you guys going to be sticking around in Nevada for a while are we going to see you in Utah anytime soon?

  4. MERRY...please my new blog post on my blog!! :o)