Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Theological Musings on Transcendental Transformations

The Sunday School lesson at church this week was on marriage and inevitably the statement was made that no marriage is perfect, to which one old codger replied, "Yeah 'cause if it was we'd already be beamed up to heaven."  I turned to Merry and said, "Honey that's why I swear so much because if I didn't I'd be beamed up to heaven and you'd be alone." 

To which Merry responded, "Why don't you give not swearing a try and if you start floating up to heaven I'll let you start swearing again."

So anyway, Lizzy Jo is continuing to explore her world and recently she has discovered the piano and loves it.

As you can see, she is a natural.  Anyway, today we were working on dinner and washing dishes, not paying attention to Lizzy Jo, who was closely occupied chewing on my wallet. Somewhere, out of the blue we heard, as if floating down from heaven, the voices of an angelic choir singing in a perfect triad.  We both jumped, and I said, "Dear, I told you this would happen if I stopped swearing, it was good to know you," but then we both realized Lizzy Jo had started playing the keyboard and had managed by coincidence to play a major chord.  Oh well, the swearing is still off I guess.

Lizzy Jo's also taking after her old man and playing the drums too.


  1. That is so funny... Lizzy Joe is so cute. It is fun to see her getting even bigger:-)

  2. I think you have a musical prodigy on your hands, although I'm sorry the no swearing business didn't work for you a little better. It hasn't worked for me, if that's any consolation.

  3. That baby girl is so cute!! I can't wait to see her

  4. Dave you are so hilarious! Love the post.

  5. You are hilarious Dave! I love the pics your baby girl is growing up so fast.