Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Busy Bees!

Dave, Lizzy Jo, and I have been busy bees lately.  There has been a lot of travel this summer to get out of the heat.  We recently bought a hiking backpack because we've been hiking a lot and the Baby Björn just wasn't cutting it anymore (Lizzy Jo is getting heavy!).  And I am working full-time at my TOEIC Speaking scoring job at ETS during the month of September, due to an influx of test-takers for the Fall.

In addition, Lizzy Jo is really getting into yoga.  Here she is showing me a few poses:

 "frog" pose

"butterfly" pose

"bear" pose

"hungry-bear" pose

"rock-climber" pose

And, in honor of her first time attending a BYU football game last weekend,
the "take-a-knee" pose.


  1. Merry, I am still SO impressed that you are doing so much! I can barely squeeze a few hours of homework during the day--you are amazing! Lizzie looks like a yoga natural. Maybe they have hot yoga for toddlers?

  2. Well, it's nice that it's online and that I can still play with Lizzy Jo and take care of her. Of course she prefers when I can play with her and not be stuck with headphones on my ears, but it's manageable. And the busiest weeks are over. I only worked 3 days this week, and only have 3 days next week. Hallelujah!

    Also, I'm definitely keeping my eye open for a yoga class for her! :D