Monday, March 2, 2015


Dave wrote a big update for us more than 6 months ago, but we never published it.  And even though it is a 6-month-old update and I wanted to write a more current one, I thought it would be best to just publish it.  Then if I got around to a recent update, there would be TWO new blog posts.  Wow!

2014 was a big year for us.

In January, we found out I was pregnant!

In February, I decided to kick my butt into gear and finish my thesis!

In March and April, I went to Arizona twice for a couple weeks at a time so my mom could help me take care of Lizzy Jo while I wrote my thesis.

In May, we found out we were going to have another girl!  We also put in an offer for a house in Mesquite, and it was accepted!

In June, I defended my thesis, revised it some more (I think I revised that thing about 100 times!), and finally submitted it.  We also closed on our new house, painted, moved into it, and cleaned up the old apartment, all while all of us were sick.  This was only possible with the help of some really good friends, family, and ward members.

In July, we got settled into the new house and use the pool a lot.

In August, I graduated!  Also, we traveled to cool Flagstaff, and used the pool a lot when we were home.

In September, we prepared for the baby to come and used the pool a lot (it's hot here in Mesquite, can you tell?)

In October, Charlotte Denise Gravett was born!!  This gets its own post some day soon (But don't count on it really soon, because if you're reading this, that would be hoping for THREE new blog posts.)

In November, we had our Gravett family come visit us for Thanksgiving, our first big gathering in our new home.  It was so much fun.

In December, we went to St. George to spend Christmas with our Packard family.  We all stayed in some condos there, with almost every member of the family in attendance.  We were only missing my neice and great niece, my nephew, and my brother Matt.  Such fun!

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  1. I'm super proud of you for posting. Also, I didn't realize it was such an epic year for you until you listed everything that happened. It kind of makes me feel stressed out just to think about doing all that stuff in one year. Go Gravetts!