Monday, June 30, 2014

We're Having a Baby!

Hi everybody out there in the interwebs. It is so good to see (metaphorically at least) you's guys again. As our most faithful readers know, we have not posted in approximately several months. You may think that this was because either 1) nothing interesting has happened in our lives or 2) we're simply too lazy to post on our blog and update our friends. If you thought either of those things you are completely wrong. In fact, it turns out that the name "lifebymerryanddave" is a registered trademark of a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Djibouti but with significant business operations in the United States. Our blog was shut down pursuant to court order while we duked it out with the company over its name. However, that issue is now cleared up and I'm sure you will see regular posts on the issues that matter most to us.

So, what's been going on? We're pregnant!!! That's right, we're participating in an experimental procedure whereby each parent carries half of the fetus and then they get glued together at delivery. Okay, actually Merry's the pregnant one, but she assures me I had something to do with it at some point. We're having a girl on or about October 7, 2014. I've asked Merry to hold off until October 31 so we could have two holiday babies (Lizzy Jo was born on New Year's Day); she says she'll try her hardest.

Lizzy Jo is doing her very best to grow up into a little girl. We've done our best to stop this perplexing development but it seems like every day she has learned some new word or has climbed into some new place she's not supposed to be. Next thing we know she'll have run off with some boy who ride a big wheel and is already wearing pull-ups. Lizzy Jo also absolutely loves the new house; her favorite thing to do is to run down the hallway stomping her feet on the tile.

Oh yes, we're moving. Ten minutes down the road to a house here in Mesquite. This means we're probably gonna be here for a while. In fact, if we stay here until we retire, we won't have to move to a retirement community because we'll already be there. Merry would like to get back into teaching now that she's got her Master's Degree; she's hoping to find a spot either here at the local community college, up at Dixie State, or at UNLV. We'll keep you posted.

That's right y'all. Merry finally completed her thesis and will be graduating in August.  Woot! Woot! It was a lot of hard work (and just a little bit of procrastination) but she got it done and we're all super proud of her.

Anyway, that's all the news here in Mesquite, where all the women are old, the men are...old as well, and the children are all non-existent.

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