Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Arizona Road Trip

So, I'm in Arizona. That means...Road Trip!

Dave and I planned a trip a while ago to come down and see the Grand Canyon during his spring break. And then, after my mom's heart attack, it became a trip to also come and visit her. I've been worried about her, even though I've known she was recovering, so it's been nice to be here. And it's been nice to show Dave around Northern Arizona a bit! Here are some pictures from our visit to Walnut Canyon on Friday.

Here are one of the ruins up close. It's been rebuilt by the park service to show poeple what it would have been like, but all of the easily accessible ones were pretty much destroyed by visitors and souvenir seekers in the late 1800s.

Across the canyon, though, there were some ruins that were genuine, so here a few shots of those.

There's also some great plant life at Walnut Canyon! Here are some beloved Ponderosa pine trees. In the canyon there are also walnut trees (shockingly!) and other kinds of pine trees.
And yucca! (Yuck...ugh!)

I loved the trip. Walnut Canyon is a place that I have fond memories of from my childhood, and I loved sharing that with Dave.

Here is Dave looking like a GQ model in my sweatshirt! What a hotty!


  1. That is great that you can spend time w/ your mom. She is still in our daily prayers and fasting. Fun road trip.

    {said in a quiet whisper: and who might Dave be?}

  2. Hey, I know this post is way old but I was just looking at it and I've totally been there! Way cool.