Friday, August 6, 2010


I have two family members and one friend who are trying to adopt.  And I just realized how extremely hard it must be to wait for someone to choose you as the parent of their child.

So, in order to help with that process, I'm going to post about my friend Rachel and how she's trying to adopt.  If you know someone who is giving their baby up for adoption, please read on!

Rachel was one of the girls I lived with as a freshman at BYU.  She liked to have a lot of fun, and made life in our dorm very exciting!  I haven't really seen her much since that time, 8 years ago, but I've kept myself updated through her blog and a few mutual friends that we have.

Rachel is married and living in Buffalo, NY.  She and her husband Ryan both love kids, and they have volunteered in an orphanage in El Salvador every summer since they got married.  They are unable to have children of their own, and would love to adopt.

They just recently had their profile put up on LDS Family Services' website, which is the organization that they are adopting through.  The adoption agency is affiliated with their church, but the birth parents do not need to share their religion, nor do they need to live in New York.  And they would love a child of any race or background.

Check out their profile and pass it on to your friends if you think that they may know someone who needs this information.

I hope that sometime soon, Rachel and Ryan are connected with the right people so that they can adopt.

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  1. Oh I wish them luck. My aunt and uncle adopted two kids about 10 years ago (one through LDS and one through a private adoption agency) and when those babies came it was so fun! Adoption is the best!