Thursday, August 19, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

If you look at the very bottom of our page, you'll notice that we have a ticker proclaiming that today Dave and I have been married for 369 days (Thanks Jo-Pete!).  That's right!  Sunday was our anniversary!

The last year has been a wonderful journey, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!  Okay, enough mushy stuff.  This post is to let you all know about the awesome things we did this weekend to celebrate.

First of all, on Friday I woke up to this beautiful bouquet of daisies by my bedside!  I adore daisies, and Dave loves to get them for me!  (Or at least he pretends to).

Later that day, Dave took me to get a professional massage.  I'd never had one before, and let me tell you, it was great!  I got it done at the Massage Cabin.  It's a massage practice in a home, and my massage therapist, Haruko, was great.  We didn't get any pictures of this experience but I'm sure I'll be back!

Next, on Saturday, Dave and I drove up to Bear Lake.  You may remember our bad experience floating down the Provo River, so we decided to take out a new blow up raft and try it out on a lake instead of a river.  We stopped by this place to get life jackets:

And then we hit the road!  I love road trips!

When we got to Bear Lake, we had this cute stretch of beach all to ourselves.  It was a gorgeous day at the Lake!

Here I am in our boat.

It turns out that it was a really windy day, and the wind kept blowing us back toward the shore.  So we didn't go out very far.  It's a good thing that we didn't start from the opposite shore, or the wind would have blown us all the way across the lake!  But aside from the boat, we had a lot of fun playing in the water and sunning ourselves on the beach:

It was a beautiful day, and we saw lots of birds flying around.

And of course, we decided to put the BARE back in Bear Lake!!

After we were done at Bear Lake, we headed down to Logan to stay at the Anniversary Inn.  And I'm sad to say that the only picture I got of the place was the heart-shaped tub!

I really liked this tub, and really I liked the whole place.  Our room was the Player's Clubhouse, and we had a foosball table and a putting green in our room.  The breakfast was great, as well as the sparkling cider and cheesecake that was waiting in our room when we arrived.  I would highly recommend the Anniversary Inn, whether it's your anniversary or not!
We came home on Sunday, which was our actual anniversary.  To celebrate some more we ate a few bites of our wedding cake, which we've been saving in our freezer for a year.

It was pretty good.  Originally, this cake was excellent!  A year later, the frosting really was the best part.

                                      This was Dave's reaction for the camera.  It wasn't really that bad!
All in all, it was a wonderful anniversary.  I am so happy that I found Dave and that I was wise enough to marry him.  He makes me so happy, and I hope that all of our years of marriage are as fulfilling as this first one has been.


  1. Yay, and happy anniversary!! You've made it a year, and it looks like you still love and like each other. Congrats! We went to the Anniversary Inn one time-- the pirate ship room-- it was quite fun!

  2. How fun! Derek and I stayed there in Logan too, in the ice cave or whatever. It's such a great place (even better when you're anniversary is during the off season every year!)

  3. You guys are so cute, I'm glad that you found Dave too!

  4. Hooray!! I just said to Josh last night, "Hey--Merry and Dave just had an anniversary!" I'm so glad you got to have a fun getaway for it! Also, I love that in the picture of Dave getting some sun, he seems to be covered with sand... Yay for Anniversary Inn! That is such a fun place. And good job saving your cake for the whole year... we ate pieces of ours at intervals (one month anniversary, six months anniversary, etc.), to see how it was doing. :-D

  5. Wow, I have never known anyone who actually saved their cake for a year. I am impressed. Our wedding cake was completely gone before I could even think about it. Congrats!

  6. Happy Anniversary!!!! We celebrated our anniversary in your stopping grounds in Flagstaff! I thought of you as we drove around!

  7. Happy Anniversary!

    I didn't know you had a blog either, but now it's fun to catch up on old posts.

    Also, I love your hair cut like that =]

  8. Thanks everyone! It was great! I'm already looking forward to our next anniversary!