Friday, April 15, 2011

Dust Bunnies

I am sitting at my work desk, trying to work on my term paper for my Reading Theory and Pedagogy course.  Trying, because I am pretty tired, so it's slow going.  I have to take breaks occasionally to keep myself awake.

During my last break, I was leaning down to scratch my ankle, and something behind the computer monitor caught my eye: a dust bunny.

What an interesting word.  Dust bunny.  Does anyone know where the term came from?  Are they called dust bunnies because they are cautious creatures, lurking in desks corners and behind computers?

Okay, yeah, I'm bored, and anything is going to sound interesting to me right now.  But back to my paper!


  1. you are a riot! I think it's so funny how you're not reading any blogs because you're staying on task. Obviously, you're doing a good job at not getting distracted by other people :)

    Keep working at it. You're making progress even if you can't see it. Sometimes it just happens that way. I'm proud of you. (By the way, what did you name your bunny?)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I need a lot right now to keep working! I didn't name the bunny, I scared it under my desk by blowing at it. :D