Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Professional Electronic Portfolio

So, I have been working on my master's degree for over a year, now.  I am getting closer and closer to finishing, and I am going to graduate this summer!!  Wahoo!  But this means that I need to start looking for jobs.  As part of my course work this semester, I have been creating an electronic portfolio.  This is a website where I put my best work as a TESOL professional.  When I apply for a job, I can direct them to my professional website so that they can check out my portfolio.

I have put a lot of work into my portfolio, and I am going to be turning it in to my professor to be graded for my class on Thursday.  But even though I am feeling pretty pleased with how it looks, I know that it can always be better.  So I'd like to elicit some feedback from my faithful followers (Hi, Mom!).  You can find my electronic portfolio here, or you can click on the link in the side bar of my blog.  Please take a look at the portfolio.  Then comment on this post or email me to give me your feedback on it.  Let me know:

1. The things you like about it.
2. The things that I should change because they could be better.
3. The things that you think I should take out because you don't like them.

The first person to send me this feedback by emailing or commenting will get a special surprise in the mail!  Thanks for your help.  Some of your feedback I will probably incorporate right away.  Some of it may take me longer to address, since I'll be working on my master's project during this time.  But I am sure that I will benefit from all of your feedback.  The hope is that this will eventually help me find a job in Nevada, since that is where I am headed after graduation.


  1. 1. I liked the communicative tasks emphasized in your teaching philosophy. The three syllabi for classes at three different institutions, was impressive to say the least. Those videos are a wonderful touch--obviously, adding the other videos would help (I'm sure something you already know :)

    2. I know that you have the Spanish stuff and all, but I saw no reference to the Chinese, even in your CV. That might be something you could add. But you would know better than I. Man, you have worked a lot!!!

    3. I wasn't a fan of the plant growing analogy, but it grew (hahaha) on me in the middle of the analogy. Also when you put in your email, I think that it is confusing to not just type it out the way you were so people can click on it and email you from their outlook or whatnot. If there is a reason for writing it that way, then forgive me for my ignorance.

    P.S. Can I just say, Merry you are impressive. That website is awesome and you have so much experience and things listed there. The videos, the experience, course work, lesson I wish I could hire you--although I hate teaching. But you are amazing and look fabulous as a professional.

  2. Initial reaction: I really like it! Very clear template. I like the color scheme—easy on the eyes on a computer screen. I like the good readability; good font, nice text color, and conversational tone are all great.

    One thing seems clunky to me: when you click through the links on the left in order, you click on CV, and then you have to click through to a Google doc. That's fine, but then when you click on Teaching Philosophy and you have to click through again to a Google doc, you start to wonder if the whole site will be like this. (It isn't, so this probably isn't a big deal, but just a thought.) Is there any way you can summarize or post key parts of those documents (with a link still to the complete doc)? So that readers can get a good idea of what you're about even if they don't have time for extra page-loading?

    One other small design thing. I would love it if the title text next to your picture were aligned. The easiest way would probably be to enlarge your picture, but the picture is a good size already, so… I don't have a brilliant solution right this second, but I'll think about it. :-) I do love that picture—it's a great professional shot of you. (Side note: it makes me giggle that there's a microwave behind you in your picture. :-) If it were just the cupboards, I don't think it would cause the same reaction.)

    Overall, I think the site is great! It gives readers a good idea of who you are and what you're working for. I am so impressed by you! :-)

  3. As I mentioned in another post, you don't 'know' me, but I read your blog from time to time by following Annie & Doug's blog.

    I am the one who just finished my nursing thesis...

    anyway, my only 'professional' opinion about your portfolio is that there is a lot of different clicking around to other links to find more information. Maybe you can create drop down menus from your left side bar so it is easier to access the rest of your information. For example, your teaching philosophy. If you need some help with that, I can help via email.


  4. sorry. i forgot to comment on the 1. what I like.

    I like the simplicity of it. It is clean/simple, etc.

    another tip......I live in the San Francisco area and I know that College of Marin and Santa Rosa Junior College are ALWAYS looking for peole to teach TESOL courses. Not sure if they have them to teach online, but it might be an avenue to look into.

  5. 1} I like the colors! They are soft and not crazy. I like that there isn't a TON of information on the front page. It's not over-stimulating.

    2} I definitely am not an expert, and maybe my idea is wrong, but here are my thoughts:

    When I click on the link for say, your curriculum vitae, it would be nice to see it right there, and not have to click on another link. When I click on it I would expect to see it right there, ya know? For some people's computers it might also take a little extra to load the Google Doc.

    It's also the same with the teaching philosphy. It would be nice to have that little intro, but then have the philosphy right there to view. Having that second link to your paper is a good idea though, because people aren't specifically clicking on the teaching philosophy page to view that, it's sort of an extra.

    The other links {like classroom materials} are good how they are though, because there is a lot more information to sift through than the first two links. I like how they are organized by topic within the original link.

    For the email, I think it would be good if you had it standard, and not with the { } symbols. I know it's to prevent getting spam, but when I find an email address that I need to email, I just copy and paste it. It will also prevent people from misspelling it!

    And lastly, you should take a picture without the microwave in the background. =P

    Overall everything looked really good! It was very information and organized. Like I said before, I love that it's not overstimulating! It's simple yet has all the information someone would need. {At least I think...I don't know what your potential employers are looking for!}

    3} There isn't anything I didn't like!

    Let me know if this was helpful in any way! Love ya.

  6. Thank you so much for your feedback! A lot of you commented on the same things, so I will definitely fix those things. Oh, and I've decided that all of you should get something in the mail for all of your help. So email me (you all know my email address now, even though you don't like how it's formatted!) your mailing address, and expect it in about a week!

  7. I like visuals ie it would be great if you could have the links for documents be a thumbnail of the PDF or Word Doc that the link goes too. Other pictures/icons might be nice too, but looks good.

  8. How did everything go...? Are you already graduated? If so, congratulations! :)

    Hope all is going well with both of you.

  9. Yeah, so I am still working on my thesis/project. But I am going to be moving to Nevada in August and I will just keep working on it from there. I may end up taking longer to graduate than I thought, but I'm okay with that.

    But I really want to get back to blogging soon! I can't believe it's been over two months!