Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Dave just massively killed me at Scrabble.  This is unusual because I normally win at Boggle and Scrabble.  I am a word-game person.  Also, I usually win most board games or card games against Dave.  And in this game he killed me the entire game.  I had a higher score than him during the first round (and I went first, which means that I got to double my score, so that higher score wasn't saying much for that first round).  And then Dave got ahead the next round and maintained his lead all the way to the end.

Here is the end result.   Aside from losing, it was a great game because both of us were doing really well.  We came up with some awesome words.

Pictured above is the highest scoring play in the game, which gave me 68 points.  At this point in the game, I had 153 points and Dave had 186.  So getting 68 points was a massive help to me.  (At this point the "qu" word going down and the "sa" word on the right weren't there, so I got a triple letter with "q" and the double word score.)

Unfortunately, right after that, Dave got another 51 points by simply putting down a blank (to be an "s") and an "x".  The picture above shows that.  His "x" was counted as a triple letter score in two directions.  So he got 25 points for "ex", 25 points for "sax", and 1 point for "as".  What a smarty!

Another great word that Dave got was "quaint", which he put in between the other words ("quills", "humans", and "nanny") that were already there.

The end score was Merry: 284, Dave: 317.  Ouch!  And good job, honey!


  1. Jeff killed me at scrabble on Sunday night too. I had all of my points banking on being able to put "weighing" on the triple word score, with few added points of adding to other words along the way. I finally got the "i" that i needed and then Jeff used part of the space (it was dumb of me to count on it) and I was ruined for the rest of the game. Ouch!

  2. You guys did have good words! My personal favorite...wedgy ;)

  3. Yes, Dave had all of the really awesome words. He said the word "quaint" several times during the rest of the game because he was so proud of it. And "wedgy" was his too. My only cool words were "quill", "savior", "regilt", and "jeers".