Sunday, September 25, 2011

Things We're Good At

*Typing: A woman in the library told me that the sound of me typing was a trip and that if she could type as fast as I could, she would wite a book (Also, she wasn't sitting next to me, so my typing must be loud too.  I don't know if that's good or not.).
*Eating: At my neice's wedding reception this weekend (pictures to come), I helped make and then eat a ton of food.  And I have to say that I love vegetable skewers!  Who doesn't?
*Thinking positively: I see this as a talent that I have to cultivate in order to keep.  The more positively I think about anything, the better it is!  So why not?
*Doing the dishes: I really enjoy this task, so it would make sense that I am good at it.  I don't always do them right away, but when I do them I am thorough at the task.
*Wasting time online: Enough said.
*Driving only slightly over the speed limit: Okay, so this was prompted by the ticket that I got last year.  I went to traffic school and knew that if I didn't get a ticket for the year after that, my ticket would be taken off my record permanently.  I am now a religious 5-mile-over-max driver.
*Beating Dave at board games and card games: And he is so good at playing them with me even when he doesn't want to.
*Picking up random junk wherever I go: I came home from our trip to Arizona with WAY more stuff than I left with.

*Typing: I write an average of 7,000 words per minute. (Dave wrote this one to make fun of me)
*Reading: I read an average of 10 pages per minute (very short pages).
*Cooking: I like to make good food and eat it too.  My metabolism is less good at taking care of the food I eat than I am at cooking.
*Back rubs: Merry always wants a back rub if she wins a bet between us.  They are that good.

What are you good at?

Thanks, Janssen, for the inspiration for this post. 


  1. Hey Merry, your blog is so cute! I wish that I could type as fast as you. Seriously, that's awesome! So both of you have to add that you are good at being great friends to your lists:O It was awesome to hang with you this week. Hopefully we get to see you again soon!

  2. I USED to love veggie skewers, but now I'm over them. Haha, we had too many left over and ate them for the past week! And man, I wish I had your love of dishwashing, it's the most dreaded task in my house!