Saturday, November 1, 2008

I am a linguistics nerd...

"To louse a person and eat their lice." That's a Lushootseed idiom for the verb "to love." Neat isn't it? Think about it: it's one thing to help a person become "better" or "cleaner" by lousing them and helping them get rid of their lice. It's an entirely other thing to eat their lice.

If you apply this to people's faults, this shows one real way of looking at love. You can like someone, and want to help them overcome their faults. But it's when you are ready to "eat" their faults, accept them as part of the person that you love, that you know you really love them.

This is one of the many reasons I love my major!


  1. I miss you, dear girl! :-D

    And I must say it--Linguistics Forever!!! (Where do they speak Lushootseed?)

  2. Your big words confuse me. Haha. Ok, but seriously...eew. I guess I don't love my husband because I don't think I could eat his lice. I hope he never gets them because then I'd feel like a failure as a wife. Love you!