Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our Real New Home

Okay, here are the real pictures, as promised. I really do love this little half of a duplex that is ours. It's the first place that is truly Our Own.

Here is our garage.  It's big enough for our little bit of junk and one car. 

Here is the view from the front door.  We have some chairs to the left, in front of the front window, that you can't see here.  Straight ahead are the short hallways that lead to the bedrooms and bathrooms, the master on the right and the guest on the left.  And then to the right is the dining room/kitchen.

Here is the guest bathroom.

And the guest bedroom.  We have our computer hooked up to a large screen TV in here (since the computer monitor is  broken).

The book shelves are all in the guest room, too, so we actually spend quite a bit of time in here.  I am actually typing this post in here right now!

Here is the master bedroom.


And here is the master bath.  This picture was taken from our bedroom.  It comes off of our room, not the hallway.  I really love having a bathroom connected to my room!!!

Our dining room.

Here is our kitchen.  It really is pretty big, which I like a lot.

This is our little back porch.  We don't spend too much time out here because it's stinkin' hot outside most of the time.

Here is Dave grilling up our skewers for dinner last night.  Thanks to Chris and Leona for bringing the grill and the couch and chairs down to us!  We like having furniture!

And here I am in the kitchen.  It really is such a fun little home.  And I will be posting more soon about some fun things that we are doing to improve it.


  1. Yay, MUCH better. hehe It looks so nice! And even though that second bedroom is a guest room, it seems perfect for an office for you guys. And is that a big bean back chair in the living room?!

  2. Congrats on your new house! I love seeing people's houses! That's a beautiful quilt on the end of your spare bed, too.

  3. Thanks guys! Steff, yes, that's a LoveSac, and we LOVE it!

    Chelsea, we got several really pretty quilts for our wedding, and Dave and I each had several before we got married. We thought it would be good to use some of them in the guest bedroom since it's too warm right now for us to sleep under any of them!

  4. Congratulations your guys. I am so excited for your new home and all the fun memories you'll have while you're down there. Best wishes!!!