Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What a View!

In my last post, I didn't mention one of the best parts of our new home.  It's the view from the back sliding door.

What's so awesome about the view?  Well, let me tell you!  If I sit at my kitchen table, I have a great view of these little guys:

And you probably wouldn't believe it, but this position also offers views of lizards, quail, other birds, some kind of small ground rodent (I think prairie dogs, Dave thinks chipmunks), and other rabbits.  That big tree straight ahead is their hang out.

We rather enjoy watching these guys scurry about, playing, looking for food, and avoiding being eaten.  They are adorable, and we have taken to calling them our children (since we don't have any).  One day, soon after we had decided to do this, Dave and I were talking on the phone.  Dave was walking around in an abandoned golf course in Pahrump near where we live (pictured below) where there are lots more of these cute critters.  Here is a reconstruction of our conversation:

Dave: I was at work today and I decided to start an interesting project.  Hi kids!  I'm going to create some rules for the court.
Me: Hmmm, what kind of rules are you talking about?
Dave: Well, there are already district rules that lawyers follow, but there are some procedural rules that need to be spelled out.  Hi kids!
Me: The lawyers don't already know the procedures?
Dave: These are rules that aren't implemented already that I'd like the judges to sign off on implementing.  Hi kids!
Me: Are you really saying hi to kids?
Dave: I'm saying hi to our kids.
Me: (Silence).  Oh, you're in the golf course!  Say hi to the kids for me!

Yeah, there's a lot of dried grass and trees.  And running trails that Dave and I use occasionally.   And a couple of ponds.  That's where our real exotic kids are.  There are swans and geese and ducks and other stuff.  None of which are pictured here.  But they're great kids!

*Also, I recently published another post with pictures from New Orleans that I never got around to blogging about in April.  You can find that post here.*

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  1. Yay for bunnies! We have them in New Mexico, so I'm sure you have them in Flagstaff too. When I was doing my student teaching in NM, I was surprised how often my 7th graders wrote about bunnies. Whenever I had them write a random sentence, I swear 1/3 of them were about bunnies.
    We love them.