Monday, January 19, 2009

I yelled at my students today!!

That was the first line of a post I started on Friday. Now it's Monday, and I don't feel like blogging about my Friday frustrations. But, just in case some of you were wondering, this shows that I am not perfect! I was really embarrassed by it, and I was really glad when one of the girls came up to me after class and thanked me for helping them during class. I could tell she said it just to make me feel better, and it worked!

So, last year I had an engagement calendar (a book to keep all of my appointments straight) that was called The Reading Woman. It was a weekly planner that had pictures of women reading throughout. I loved this planner, and I wanted to buy another one for this year. But I use Google Calendar all the time now, which makes a paper planner still useful on some occasions when I'm not near my computer but inconvenient when it's a huge planner that I don't use that often. So, instead of getting another one this year, I decided to cut out the pictures that I liked the best from this year's planner, and creating room on the back to write things down, and using them again this year! I get to see all of the pictures again that I've loved for a while, AND I am reusing instead of throwing away! Sweet!

Here are a few of the pictures from the 2008 calendar that are making it into the 2009 Life, by Merry edition!

This last picture is my favorite. I love the little girl sitting on her mom's lap while she reads. I'm sorry that these are all different sizes, that's the way I could find them on the internet.


  1. I'm sorry that you had a bad Friday! I do want to hear about it sometime. I like that last picture a lot too. Very cute. It reminds me of sitting on moms lap.

  2. Those are beautiful pictures! Don't feel too bad about a litle yell everynow and again. Then again, 5 year olds are probably way more forgiving than your college students. What are you teaching? That is so fun!

  3. That was very sweet of her to say that. :)

  4. I teach ELang 105, which is the first year writing class for international students. Sometimes I feel like ESL students are a lot more respectful of their teachers, and sometimes I don't. I guess they're actually just like everyone else in that it fluctuates! :)

  5. Don't feel too bad for yelling. I've done it before and life goes on. We all learn...