Monday, January 12, 2009

My Crazy Week

I had the craziest week with work last week! I came back to Provo to work the Monday after Christmas (Dec. 29th), but I had to wait until last week to get all of the paperwork taken care of to hire me as a non-student. So I went in to talk to the secretary about getting hired. And I was informed that BYU (and the church) had a hiring freeze that went into effect on December 31st! The secretary called some people to find out what we could about still hiring me, and she seemed fairly confident that something could be done because I had been offered my non-student jobs months before the hiring freeze was announced. But I was very nervous about all of it. I had been feeling a little uncertain about my jobs over the Christmas break because I hadn't heard back from Nellie when I emailed her about hiring information. She had told me that I would be sent some stuff via email to get the process going over the break, and that never happened. So, to me, it seemed like those thoughts I'd been having were in preparation for me to lose my job! Which I didn't want!

We eventually wrote an email, appealing for my hiring, and I had to submit an application and resume, and fill out some paperwork. It turned out that in order to hire me, I needed to be hired as part-time faculty (at least for my teaching job for ELang 105) in order to get around the hiring freeze, so I also had to have an interview with the chair of the Linguistics and English Language Department (Dr. Eggington) and an assistant dean in the College of Humanitities (Dr. Parry). They wanted to stress the importance of representing their department/college, as well as the university. But that's all taken care of now, and I am officially part-time faculty at BYU!! Crazy, huh? Most importantly, I still have my two jobs.

In other news, I'm turning my grad application in this week (Thursday is the deadline). I'm so excited!


  1. I'm so glad that they got it all figured out!

    And whoa. Officially part-time BYU faculty? OH my GOODNESS. You thought it would take you at least a few more years to get to that point--see, I told you you're amazing. :D

    Hooray for turning in your application! I want to hear more details about that. I really need to call you!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes. Hope to see you guys next week.

  3. That's pretty crazy about BYU having a hiring freeze. I'm glad you got it all worked out. And now you're a real working woman!!

  4. Congratulations on getting your job, though!

  5. Wonderful!!! Being faculty (even part-time) looks so much better on a resume! More important, and totally separate from looking good, it has a different impact on you of who you are and what you are doing. It will change some ways you think and take you places you hadn't thought about before.

    I'm thinking this is not an accident and will be a great blessing for you. Doing well in this capacity may open all kinds of doors for you in the future.

    I'm so happy for you.

  6. Congrats on the BYU job! And you're working in my favorite department! I graduated from BYU as an English Language major, so you're totally working with my favorite people. I'm so jealous!