Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Room of Requirement

I went looking for a computer lab today in the Widtsoe Building. I had visited it once before when I was desperate for a computer, and had found it rather easily. But today I wandered for quite a while looking for it. I asked two girls, and they didn't know about it at all. I began to think it was kind of like the room of requirement, that would show up according to true need, but not when I was just casually interested in having a computer. It turned out that I was getting a little confused about which building I was in (the Marb and the Widtsoe connect on the second floor) and I had been very close to it several times. Funny.


  1. :-D How funny! You must've passed the vending machines on the second floor, then, on the "bridge" into the MARB; when I used to work at FARMS, I went a few times to that computer lab to finish homework, and then I would grab something at those machines to eat at work. It makes me happy to think that you were there today!

  2. I definitely did pass those vending machines today, although I didn't remember them from the first time.

  3. I have wished for a room like that many it would be very warm, and might contain a beach. Be careful in the basement of the Widtsoe...there are some weird things down there I hear.