Saturday, March 19, 2011

King Benjamin's Court

As I drive home from school/work every day I drive by a housing development called "King Benjamin's Court." It should be noted that Merry doesn't see King Benjamin's Court when she drives home from school/work because, despite many timed trials proving that my way is faster, she insists on taking the main thoroughfare. At any rate, King Benjamin's Court is a housing development full of stucco coated monstrosities that resemble a grotesque combination of an Olive Garden restaurant and a Soviet era Russian apartment building.

(Olive Garden + Soviet Aparments = Stucco McMansion)

As I drive by King Benjamin's Court I think, "'Hmmm, I wonder if King Benjamin would really be all that cool with his name being used to christen a housing development for upwardly mobile suburbanites?' 'King Benjamin is a character from the Book of Mormon who taught all about giving everything we can to help and support God's children because nothing we really have belongs to us, but is really a loan from God.'" On the upside, after a busy day of writing briefs and trying to keep people in jail, driving by King Benjamin's Court is sometimes the only time I think about the Book of Mormon; it reminds me to always be thankful for what I have and share as much as I can with others. It also sometimes makes me think a bunch of snarky things about who ever lives in King Benjamin's Court in their monstrous houses, but then I have to repent.
In other news, Merry and I are moving to Nevada in a month or so.


  1. I love the "in other news" comment :-) And I was also thinking "snarky" things about that subdivision!

  2. Whoa, whoa, whoa, you can't just say you're moving and not give any details! Moving for good, for an internship, what?

  3. leave us saing you are moving to Nevada with no further details!? Is this a permanent move?

  4. In a month, really? I thought she wasn't done with school until the end of summer?

  5. Yeah, why the move? Where in Nevada?

  6. Was that from Jefferson or from Vanessa? :D

    We are moving to Pahrump. Check out the next blog post for details. Any of you who have lived there/near there should send me an email with some fun things to do and some tips on how to handle the hot weather!

    merry (dot) gravett (at) gmail (dot) com