Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Little Clarification, and a Lot More Details

So, several of you commented on the last post, wanting more details about Dave's announcement about Nevada. I don't blaim you! So here they are, along with a clarification.

Details: Last Tuesday afternoon Dave was offered a full-time job in Nevada. And last Wednesday morning he accepted the position. He will be a clerk for a judge in Nye County, in Pahrump, Nevada. It's about an hour away from Las Vegas. The position is a 1-2 year position. So we will definitely be in Nevada at least until next April, and maybe for another year after that. So yes, this move is pretty permanent.

Clarification: Dave will be moving to Nevada in April. Merry will be moving to Nevada at the end of the summer.

Details: This is the part that will not be so much fun. I have to complete my master's degree this summer. If I don't, I don't know if I'll ever finish it. So I need to stay behind and get things while Dave moves to Nevada. He will be leaving on April 16th, which is, unfortunately, right in the middle of finals for me! Dave will be leaving before finals start at the U, but he doesn't have any finals to take this semester. He will finish up his papers in Nevada and email them before the finals period ends.

More Details: Dave and I are going to look for housing in Pahrump this weekend! Google Maps says it takes 7.5 hours to get there from our house, so we'll be testing that out. Also, I may start looking for jobs for the Fall semester. There are a couple of community college campuses in Pahrump, and I could also commute to Vegas if I was able to get a job teaching English somewhere there. So we're going to have a fun weekend preparing for our future in Nevada!


  1. My bosses son moved to Parumph about a year ago. They have an amazing new church building there that is ALL the rage. :-)...But I've heard there are beautiful houses and areas in the middle of the desert! Good Luck!

  2. WOW! You guys will be missed. I don't envy having to spend the summer apart, good luck! Merry, let me know if you ever need a play mate during the summer!

  3. Congratulations! That's so excited. Best wishes!

  4. Sooooo exciting, guys! Congratulations to Dave on landing a job! And hugs and blessings about having to be apart all summer. I'm sure that Dave can be expecting a call from Jeff when I tell him the news :)

  5. Congratulations, that is fun news! I even have sort of a clue where that is since Bill is from Henderson. Good luck house hunting and getting yourselves there over the next five months. You can do it!