Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No More Reading Blogs

What a sad title to a post. But it's true. The time has come for me to stop reading blogs. Period. I am not keeping any of my blog subscriptions in Google Reader. Actually, I've made a list of them all, and I will start reading in the blogging world again someday. But for right now, I need to cut this hobby out of my life.

Why am I doing this? It's because I am working on my master's project like crazy, and I just don't have the time to keep up on the lives of all of my friends. And if I keep subscribing to blogs, I will want to read them. I can't ignore all of the unread blog posts in Google Reader! So I just have to unsubscribe from them all. This is in the hopes of cutting out a major distraction that is detrimental to getting my master's project done.

Will I continue blogging? Yes. Dave and I are going to be living apart for the next few months, and we'll have twice as much "life" to talk about here. And I want to still be a writer. There is something very therapeutic about writing that I think will be good for me as I face these months of hard work and spousal separation! So if you are a follower, please don't drop me just because I don't comment on your blog anymore. I'll be back to blog reading and commenting in about 3.5 months.


  1. Good for you! But I'm also sad because you are such a good commenter. You inspire me to be a better commenter. Good luck getting your thesis done!

  2. Sad! Your comments are always my favorite. Good luck with your project! Love you!

  3. It's not a bad thing to not read blogs, so don't worry about it too much. But if you wait to check my blog for three and a half months, you'll miss the birth of our baby! (Seriously, which is more important? Your masters or the miracle of life? HMMM?!)

    Just kidding. Good luck with all the life adjustments and I'll continue reading about you, even if you don't reciprocate for a while. ;)

  4. A few things:
    First, good for you. I do not have a master's project to complete--just daily life chores--and I still find it frustraing how much time I spend reading blogs.
    Second--Pahrump? Just over the hump to Pahrump? We lived in Henderson for 3 years, and would you know it, I never went to Pahrump. I hope you enjoy it there.
    Third--when Jonathan went to UNLV to get his doctorate in physical therapy, I still had to finish our spring term so that I could graduate and get my minor in Spanish. BRUTAL. It was only about a month, but tough. I hope you guys are planning a few trips up and back to see each other.
    Finally--best wishes! Good things are ahead!

  5. I will miss out on hearing about things going on, like your babe, Natalia! But it's the only way. And I will be back and commenting like crazy in 3.5 months.

    Becker (I love that!), we are excited to move, although not excited to be apart for that time. But we are planning trips to see each other and Dave will be studying for the bar so our time apart will be busy for both of us.

    Thanks for the good wishes on my project!

  6. AH..see, we will all miss your wonderful comments! I remember when we lived together you stated this as a problem so I guess I can see how this will be a good thing. Good luck on your masters and I will still read your blog!

  7. You don't know me, but I read your blog. I am not a crazy person, I promise :-)

    I found your blog on Doug/Annie Lewis.

    I finished my master's project for nursing in December, so I totally know how blogging is a huge distraction. I had to stop reading others and writing on my blog all together.

    Good luck finishing the project. The day you finish it, you will have this tremendous giddiness for the accomplishment.

    I finished mine on December 1st and even today, when I think about the day I presented it, I get a huge smile on my face.